Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a lake that stretches in the region between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan area. At 417.5 m below sea level, the lowest point on the surface of the die bumi.Laut lies on the border between Jordan and the western part of Palestine, the Dead Sea has the lowest point on earth at 1,300 ft (400m) below sea level.

Geologically dead sea formed three million years ago when small cracks occur in the Jordan valley where the entry and collected sea water, dry climate and high evaporation increases the concentration of minerals in the water. Salt, lime and gypsum are present in all the cracks and form lakes with highest salt content.

The lake is called the dead sea because there is no life form can survive in salt water. Dead Sea has the highest salt content of the whole ocean in the world. The salt content of about 32% compared to an average salinity of 3% on the Mediterranean Sea or the Mediterranean. Since the first material found in the Dead Sea are known to have effects to beautify the skin. By applying this mud to the body, minerals contained in it is proven to improve skin, blood circulation and can membantuk health. It has long been known by King Solomon, Cleopatra and Herod the Great, so they went to the Dead Sea to obtain these effects.

The origins of the Dead Sea
The origin of the Dead Sea is mentioned in scripture Muslims and Christians. Mentioned that God commanded the Prophet Lut to warn his people that legalizing homosexual behavior. Because people ignore the call of Prophet Lut, the Lord instructed the Prophet Lut to get away from the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Wrath of God comes through a volcanic earthquake which followed the eruption of lava, the cities being torn down, and then turned upside down into the Dead Sea.

Explain the results of contemporary scientific research, disaster can happen because Siddim Valley area, where there is the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, is the meeting point of the fault or two plates of the earth’s crust that moves in the opposite direction. The fracture started from the edge of Mount Taurus, extending to the south coast of the Dead Sea and the Arabian Desert to continue through the Gulf of Aqaba and continues across the Red Sea, to end up in Africa. Usually, when two plates of the earth’s crust is shifting in the fault it will cause a massive earthquake followed by tsunami that swept the coastal areas. Also commonly followed by the eruption of lava / hot lava from the earth.

Why water is very salty Dead Sea?
Supply of water entering the Dead Sea and Jordan River just a few of the surrounding mountains. Because the Dead Sea was a low position so that water can not be streamed accepted everywhere. The only way out is through the evaporation of water into the air only. That is why the water becomes very salty Dead Sea because the water is undergoing a process of evaporation leaves mineral substances.

The uniqueness of the Dead Sea
You can not swim, but do not want to sink when plunging into the water? That’s not the problem impossible. In the Dead Sea, every person who plunge themselves will not sink even in the deep. This can happen because the Dead Sea has a very high salinity levels. But many people mistakenly call the Dead Sea is the most salty waters in the world. Actually there are other waters that higher salinity levels (40%) that is Lake Assal in Djibuoti, Africa.

Dead Sea mud that has merit as a skin. In addition, there are some other useful mineral substances contained in the Dead Sea are:

• Sodium can increase the permeability of which is suitable for dry skin.
• Magnesium concentrations 15 times higher than the other sea. Magnesium helps the        healing of skin tissue and provides skin surface with anti-allergy and essential for cell metabolism.
• Potassium can enhance the oxidation and regulates the electrical process of the muscles and nervous system and helps regulate the moisture in the skin.
• Bromide – the concentration of bromide is 50 times higher than ordinary salt. This causes a very relaxing effect and helps repair skin cells naturally.
• Bitumen is found in small amounts and can act as an anti-inflammatory.
• Iodine plays an important role in the formation of the hormone thyroxine, and also important for energy and cell metabolism.
• Calcium is important as a defense of the cell membranes and cleansing the pores, which also needed to repair tissue under the skin.
• Zinc plays a role in the regulation of the enzyme.
• Dead Sea Mud helps dry the skin by replacing lost electrolytes, can treat several dermatological problems such as eczema, acne, arthritis, joint pain, and nerve and circulatory problems. Dead Sea salt can also act as a disinfectant that can remove harmful substances from the skin.

Shallow and threatened not “die” again
Today, the waters of the Dead Sea began to shrink. Since 1960 the water has shrunk more than 10 meters, so it is feared the Dead Sea continues to silting. Susutnya Dead Sea water is attributed to the evaporation, as well as a result of water related projects undertaken by the government of Israel and Jordan.

If the waters continue to recede, then 2017 was planned in the Dead Sea will be connected to the Red Sea by a dam that can adjust the volume of water. If that happens, then the salinity of the Dead Sea will decline and become normal with normal marine salinity. If so the Dead Sea may not be “dead” because the fish and other organisms can live in it.

Although the name of the dark, the Dead Sea is in fact not at all deadly to humans, but it is for other organisms such as plants and fish, then the incomplete population lives. This is due to the level of salt in water salinity of about 30%, 9 times saltier then the Mediterranean. Salt levels are also responsible for the ability to float along the Dead Sea waters, the density increases in water allows visitors to float easily along the surface. Situated between Israel and Jordan bank, this natural spa is 420 m below sea level making it the lowest place of the earth’s surface. Visitors flock to the Dead Sea oasis to kick back, relax, and enjoy the healing mineral mud bath in the sun.

Dead Sea is one of the wonders of the world are we protect and. Don’t let the Dead Sea is shrinking or not to die again.






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